the restoration of sonny chapman

The Restoration of Sonny Chapman


This is the second book in the Sonny Chapman Trilogy. Sonny’s life has changed from violent chaos and her very near death, to a more peaceful and safe place. In the stunning setting of her new husbands birthplace. The beautiful ancient backdrop of Tuscany, Italy, where his world and family have entwined with hers.

Thinking that she has left her psychic ability behind, she begins to reconnect with those who have passed over. Old, new and wise spirits enter her thoughts, guiding her and returning unexpectedly with perfect timing.

Echoes from the past continue to haunt her both psychologically and physically as she seeks help for the trauma that she has endured. Her and her family find themselves fighting to save their baby girl from the clutches of those who want their payback.

Discovering information about an ancient healing system, long forgotten, taken over by hundreds of years of new and innovative research and science. Sonny and Louis go to great lengths to find out if the system works, which could prove to be life changing for the world as they know it. Logging every message and every scrap of information in a new journal, ready for whatever the future holds.

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