Sue J. Daniels

Author of The Sonny Chapman Trilogy and the DCI Rochelle Raven Crime Fiction Series.


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Sonny Chapman

A portrait artist, who works with commissioned sketches of loved ones, who have passed away. When she starts to draw their eyes, she hears their voice and all the treasures they’ve taken to the grave.

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Louis Llewellyn

A Water Gypsy, lives mostly on the water in his boat and makes his living by harvesting salts and plants from the sea to make healing oils which are sold worldwide.

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Marcus Llewellyn

Father of Louis and renowned psychic, whose day job is in the SAS. Sees and hears everything from this world and the next.

Sonny Trilogy Books

DCI Rochelle Raven Series


The Cubby Hole

The Galaxy Unit was relatively new to the force, it had been set up two years previously, specifically…

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Glynis Solomon came from a long line of angry, broken females. She had fought every day of her young life…

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Short Stories


The Energy of Love

A collection of short stories.

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Courting with Strangers

A collection of short stories.

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Sue J. Daniels


Sue J. Daniels

Sue J. Daniels is a fiction author and international book awards finalist in the fiction, novella category; as well as writing eight non-fiction self-help pocket booklets and two practitioner guides for those affected by and working with trauma.

Born in northwest London, Sue was a latch key, streetwise kid, always observing all around her. She excelled in English and creative writing throughout school and has always harboured a deep love of the written word.

She now lives in Lincolnshire with her husband…