Glynis by Sue J. Daniels


Featuring DCI Rochelle Raven


Glynis Solomon came from a long line of angry, broken females. She had fought every day of her young life, to survive the regular outbursts of her violent, whiskey drinking, alcoholic mother.

Barely coping psychologically as she was dragged through the social care system, confused and afraid as her silent rage simmered. She kept herself tightly, like a coiled spring, observing all around her but never speaking.

At the age of ten she was put into long term foster care with Billy and Jessica Coleman. One early morning Billy killed a rat on their farm. A big old rodent, he’d taken its head clean off with his grafter spade. Burying it behind the tractor shed. He didn’t notice Glynis watching, just saw her little red pumps racing past where he’d just come from.

His turn to hide in the shadows, he watched as this child, his new foster daughter started digging with her tiny bare hands. Finding the severed head of the fresh dead rat, she gently lifted it out of the ground.

Holding it in her hands, smiling and talking to it like an old friend, no thought whatsoever for the blood and gore that that spewed out of its scrawny neck all over her already filthy hands.

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