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  Looking forward, work is also progressing on an exceptionally thrilling on-going series about a vivacious new character called Detective Inspector Rochelle Raven (Rocco), in the first of a series of six books entitled ‘The Cubby Hole’ a small teaser follows:

  Detective Inspector Rochelle (Rocco) Raven, popular within her team, in the Galaxy Unit of the Northern Police Section. Gifted with glossy, sleek black hair and ice blue eyes and now at thirty six, divorced and living alone in her now deceased parents’ old windmill, bequeathed to her in their will. 

  Albie, her eight year old son lives with his father, Mike, a medically retired army officer who has all the time and money needed to give Albie everything whilst his ex-wife follows her career in the force. Rochelle’s relationship with her ex-husband has improved over the last couple of years, having Albie whenever she can, he has his own floor at the mill and loves being with either his mum or dad. No animosity exists between them and both parents always put his needs first. 

  Rocco’s’ brother Conrad, had outed himself as a vibrant gay in his early teens, a confident and happy man and now at the age of thirty two he was in a civil partnership with Daniel Marshall. Rocco was very close to both Conrad and Daniel as well as their sister Niamh, thirty four, they spent as much time as possible together, the siblings,  very close always trying to recreate the indoctrinated old Irish heritage family values. They all have keys to each other’s houses and basically live in each other’s pockets. 

  Rocco has always been ‘married to the job’ and although the work in the missing children unit becomes sometimes heart wrenchingly demanding work, both physically and emotionally, she loves it. She loves the way that her team gel, their confidence in their ability to detect and trawl through page upon page of nauseating, self-loaded social media, and how their enthusiasm and dedication to detail involves in finding the target child, literally taking precedence over everything else in their lives until the case has been closed.