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Author News November 2017 from Sue J Daniels

  Making the transition from full to part-time therapist and doubling up as a part-time writer, has been interesting to say the least, plates spinning, finding things in the fridge that have no rhyme or reason to be there, forgetting to do the simplest of tasks and actually being able to spend some time with my beloved laptop – all in the name of passion.

  There are lots of new and exciting changes taking place for me and for those who are involved with my therapy practice, right now I am at an ‘in between’ place where on the one hand I just cannot wait to break free from a day to day role which has spanned over two decades, and on the other, my mind races impatiently, very nearly stomping my feet, as I have to rein in the many fiction stories screaming to get out.

  So, the plan is that there will be one more academic book to submit and get published which, is almost ready to be submitted in the next few weeks.

  Meanwhile, we have some photographs of the very successful book launch at The Cathedral Centre, Minster Yard, Lincoln on December 10th 2016. It was a great day and well attended, finished off with a fabulous celebration curry at the Saffron Indian Restaurant, Eastgate, Lincoln with lovely husband and many crazy friends.

We would like to say a huge Thank You to the following for their excellent help and those who went the extra mile for us on the day…

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Cathedral Centre Lincoln